AI-Powered Golfer Engagement Platform

Personalize the golfer experience to increase rounds of play

AI-Powered Golfer Engagement Platform

Drive member engagement and revenue for your golf club

AI-Powered Golfer Engagement Platform

Put the power of artificial intelligence in every golfer's pocket

Data Driven

SmartCourse is an AI-driven platform that leverages your golfer’s information to deliver to them real-time relevant engagement. Leveraging multi-strategy machine intelligence, our platform can personalize tee-time recommendations, content, offers, and rewards to provide an individualized experience and drive incremental rounds of play.

As golfers engage with your app, our platform 'listens and learns' to become more individualized and engaging for each individual golfer.

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SmartCourse leverages a variety of data – historical, preferences, behaviors and other real time data to individualize interactions with them.

Smart Features

Individualized Offers

Generate customized offers that are relevant to your golfers, increasing redemption and rounds played.

Golfer Pairing

Create a buddy list to find friends or recommend compatible players with similar gameplay and preferences.

Course Information

SmartCourse displays information specific to the golfer's game, preferred tees and other personalizations.

Voice Interface

Understand spoken questions and commends using Speech AI and natural language processing.

Promote Rounds

Incentivize additional rounds of play by pairing players who have similar skills and preferences.

Golfer Profile

Capture specific play and equipment preferences for optimized offers and partner matching.

Beverage Cart Tracker

Provide golfers with real-time location information about beverage carts, marshals and more.

Rate of Play

Provide weather, course conditions and situational awareness to help golfers enjoy their round.

Smart Tee Time Search

Fill tee-times by providing incentives and recommendations to the golfers most likely to book available slots.


Display the golfer's individual data – handicap, scoring history and a real-time buddy leaderboard.

Group Booking

Allow golfers to book their group by name and automatically send out personalized notifications.

Upcoming Tee Times

Help golfers remember upcoming tee-times to reduce no-shows or cancellations.

Rich Analytics

SmartCourse uses one of the most important parts of your business - your golfer's data - and delivers opportunities to engage with golfers one-to-one. Our rich analytics allows you view the data you've provided and how SmartCourse is using it to improve the golfer’s experience. Our privacy-compliant system design helps us learn from everyone without requiring to 'know' the individual user.

The Partner Portal lets you see your golf course data in near real-time, and how successfully SmartCourse is engaging with your golfers.

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